The Clearinghouse for Progressive Action’s Resources page is delineated by thematic area. Each resource includes ways to take action as provided by that resource.

Resources are being added regularly–check back soon for more, and please send others to


Civil Liberties

American Civil Liberties Union: Take action, get info.

National Coalition Against Censorship: Get info, including anti-censorship tools for schools.

People for the American Way: Take action, get info.

Bill of Rights Defense Committee and Defending Dissent Foundation: Take action, get info.

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press: Legal help for journalists.

National Freedom of Information Coalition: Take action, get info and tools, grantmaking.

American Booksellers for Free Expression: Get info, tools.


Congressional votes relating to Trump policies:

Congressional Committee map: 

Find Your Senator:

Find Your Representative:

How to set up a meeting with your congressperson:


ADAPT: Take action, get info, get trained.

American Association of People with Disabilities: Take action, get info and tools, join, donate.

Americans with Disabilities Act: Get info.

National Center on Disabilities and Journalism: List of organizations, take action, get info and tools, join, donate.

National Disabilities Rights Network: Take action, get info, tools and training, join, donate.

Donation Guide

Support.FM Express: Get info.

Economic Justice


National Center for Science Education:

Environment, Climate and Energy

START,, is a wonderful reference for environmental resources. Click any topic below for a list of groups you can contact to volunteer, donate, take action, get info, join and more:

Government Accountability

#DisruptJ20 (legal action for those arrested while protesting): Legal resource.

2 Hours a Week: Take action.

5 Calls: Take action.

10 Ways for Us: Take action, get information.

Action Groups: Take action as part of a group.

American Civil Liberties Union: Take action, get information, donate.

Avaaz: Take action.

Daily Action: Take action.

Do Something: Take action.

Fight Trump/#Fight Trump: Take action.

First 100 Ways Take action, donate

Five Minute Resistance: Take action.

Flippable: Organize to elect democrats and progressives.

Friends Committee on National Legislation Find information.

Global Citizen: Take action, get information.

Grab Your Wallet: Take action, get information.

Group Warriors for Humanity: Take action.

How to Help: News you can do something about Take action.

Indivisible: Join a group for action.

Knock Every Door: Take action.

The Least Among Us: Take action and/or donate.

Move On: Take action, get information.

My Civic Workout: Take action, get information.

Pantsuit Nation Resources: Take action, get information.

Petition the White House: Create and sign petitions directed at the administration.

Project 1491: Take action.

Rage Against Hate: Donate.

Resistance Calendar: Take action.

Sister District:  Organize to elect democrats and progressives.

Stay Nasty America: Take action.

Swing Left:  Organize to elect democrats and progressives.

TogetherList A list of organizations providing information and actions.

Unite Blue: Take action.

Vote Smart: Find out how your representatives in the Legislative branch vote!

Wall-of-Us: Take action.

We Protest Today: Take action.

We’re His Problem Now (The 65): Take action.

What Do I Do About Trump: Take action.

What the Fuck Just Happened Today: “Logging the daily shock and awe.”

White House Comment page: Call, email or send a letter on an issue of concern.

Gun Control

Every Town for Gun Safety:



#Not1More:   Take action, submit art, get info.

CIVIC: Take action, volunteer, get info, donate.

Kids in Need of Defense: Volunteer, donate, get info.

National Day Laborer Organizing Network: In English, In Spanish. Take action, get info, get trained, donate.

National Immigration Law Center: Legal help, get info.

United We Dream: Get help, take action, get info, donate.

Jobs and Labor

FRESC: Good Jobs Strong Communities, Colorado Take action, get info, join.

Justice System and Policing


LGBTQ Concerns

Garden State Equality:

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force: www,

National Security/Foreign Policy


Independent Sector: 

Panels, Presentations and Discussions

CUNY Graduate Center:

Reproductive Health and Rights

Racial Justice and Civil Rights

Black Lives Matter:

Color of Change:


Southern Poverty Law Center:

Social Protection (e.g., Hunger, Homelessness, Poverty, Low-income Housing)

Results, The Power to End Poverty: Take action, get info, join.

Rural Organizing Project: Take action, get info, join, donate.

United for Homes: Take action, get info, join, donate.

Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid


Taxes and Budget

Women’s Issues

Groups by Geography

This list is comprised of groups that are working on multiple issues at the state and national levels.

Across the US

The Center for Popular Democracy: Take action, get info, donate.

Friends Committee for National Legislation: Take action, get info, get trained, donate.

Organizing for Action: Take action, get info, join, donate.


FRESC: Good Jobs Strong Communities: Take action, get info, join, donate.


Illinois People’s Action: and Take action, get info, join, donate.