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Action at All Levels. The Weekly Exchange will provide a synthesis of the trends – of actions, actors, spaces and resources – that is co-created with the members of the Clearinghouse network based on their inputs. And it will provide crowd-sourced opportunities for action across the US.

Each edition of The Weekly Exchange includes:

  • “The Pulse” – to help you understand the national context so that you can be strategic about the actions you take.
  • “Opportunities for Action” – to help you organize your activism by providing a space to share and find a wide range of progressive actions.

The Clearinghouse for Progressive Action seeks to inspire progressives to undertake a multitude of small actions that build on one another to construct a just, fair and equitable America. Find out more about the Clearinghouse here.

Opportunities for Action

The Weekly Exchange’s Opportunities for Action provides a space to share and find actions on progressive issues.

We believe action is about building on what you’re already doing, in your daily life, in your neighborhood, in your community, on the issues that you’re already thinking about – and then doing a little bit more.

Find a sample of actions below:

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End Racial and Religious Profiling

What: The End Racial and Religious Profiling Act of 2017 bill has been introduced by Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) and Representative John Conyers (D- MI) in every session of Congress since 2011. It takes on not only racial profiling, but profiling based on religion, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity. The bill creates create meaningful remedies to prevent profiling.

Where: Across the US

When: Now

More Info: Tell your members of Congress to support this bill.

Learn How to Defend Education Policy

What: An interactive training to learn the most effective ways to contact your Members of Congress, get your message across at a Townhall event, and hear the newest talking points on the Trump-DeVos budget and private school vouchers.

Where: Facebook Live

When: Monday, April 10 at 7 EST

More Info: http://educationvotes.nea.org/facebook-live-backhome-visit-training-rsvp/

Stop Racist Websites by Stopping their Ad Dollars

What: Sleeping Giants provides a way to let advertisers know that you will boycott their products if they refuse to stop advertising on sites like Brietbart and InfoWars.

Where: In the comfort of your home!

When: Now

More Info: https://twitter.com/slpng_giants?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

Know What’s Happening and Actions to Take!

What: Indivisible’s Action Calendar

Where: From your couch

When: Today

More info: https://www.indivisibleguide.com/action-calendar

Influence the New York State Budget

What: The budget is being negotiated. Some of the issues are:
• Updated Election Reform Measures: Early Voting, Automatic Voter Registration & Same Day Registration will help fix NY’s abysmal voting participation rate.
• Raise the Age: NY is one of only three states that charges 16 and 17 year olds as adults. We need to raise the age of criminal responsibility from 16 to 18.

Call: Governor Cuomo: 518-474-8390 (press 2, provide your zip code)
Speaker of the Assembly Carl Heastie: 718-654-6539 or 518-455-4812
Majority Leader Joseph Morelle: 585-467-0410 or 518-455-5373

Where: From your home or office if you are a New Yorker

When: Now, while they are negotiating.

The Pulse

The Pulse is your bird’s eye view of this week’s trends on progressive issues in America. We try to synthesize the week’s events, but not oversimplify them. We provide both an overview and an in-depth look at the four components of progressive action: actions, actors, spaces and resources. 


Action at All Levels

Major fights this week swirled around the Supreme Court nomination with a mini-filibuster by Senator Merkley on Tuesday evening, setting up threats by Republicans of the “nuclear option” to dismantle the filibuster rule in the Senate for judicial appointments. The GOP did go “nuclear” on Thursday and removed the judicial filibuster. A vote is expected today on Gorsuch as the newest Supreme Court justice.

In other news, Representative David Nunes, chair of the House Intelligence Committee, recused himself from Russia election interference investigation currently underway. He blamed “left-wing activist groups that filed complaints against him with the Office of Congressional Ethics.

Activists are responding to the rollback of internet privacy that Congress passed, allowing Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to sell private consumer data without asking for user permission. Internet advocates are said to be developing political strategies designed to hold Republicans accountable in the 2018 mid-term elections. States including Minnesota have taken up bills to limit this federal action.

States are responding to federal policies or policy failures in other ways.  California will divest from companies building the wall. This week Maryland became first state to reimburse Planned Parenthood clinics if Congress cuts funding. South Carolina’s House passed a bill requiring health insurance plans to cover 12-month birth control prescriptions.

Economically, pressure is still on advertisers, this time in response to the controversy with Bill O’Reilly and Fox News and in response to Pepsi’s ad with Kendall Jenner controversially mimicking activist movements like #BlackLivesMatter. Activists are pushing brands to take quick positions on political issues.

The Women’s March, which took place just after the inauguration, has won a prestigious award – the Freedom of Expression of Courage prize – from PEN, the literary and human rights organization. Congratulations to all of you that marched!

Tuesday was Equal Pay Day, marking discrepancies in the wages of men and women in the workforce. Trump signed an executive order at the end of March to end protections for women’s workers rights among government contractors

50 social justice organizations united this week in a new coalition – The Majority – to combat injustice and fight for equality. The Majority, which was largely put together by the Movement for Black Lives, launched “Beyond the Moment” on Tuesday to educate and engage people across the country on important political issues.

What’s coming down the pipeline? Activists around the country are getting ready for the next recess which starts today and ends on April 25th. Check out upcoming town hall events near you to get involved. Recess will kick off with Day of Action for Health Care tomorrow (Saturday April 8th) in cities across the country. A Tax March will take place in Washington and at local events on April 15th in an effort to get Trump to release his taxes.

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The Clearinghouse for Progressive Action seeks to inspire progressives to undertake a multitude of small actions that build on one another to construct a just, fair and equitable America. Find out more about the Clearinghouse here.