About Us

The Clearinghouse for Progressive Action exists to facilitate a network of progressives who are inspired to undertake a multitude of small actions that build on one another to construct a just, fair and equitable America.

To achieve this mission, we will work to:

  • Redefine what it means to take action on progressive issues.
  • Facilitate action that is sustained en masse over the long term.

Why did we establish the Clearinghouse for Progressive Action? 

The 2016 election has been a game-changer for progressives in the US, those of us who are deeply concerned about issues of equality and fairness in our country. There has been an outpouring of interest and energy amongst progressives to be involved and engaged and to act – including from a range of people who have not been politically or civically active before.

Now more than ever we need effective ways for people to be actively engaged and involved in the progressive issues that impact them. Establishing the Clearinghouse is our way of taking action. With the Clearinghouse we want to help you take action on what matters to you.


What do we mean by “progressive”? 

We have specifically chosen the word ‘progressive’ because this moves us beyond politics to specific goals that are grounded in a vision for a fair and equal society. To achieve this vision we must:

  • Maintain and strengthen fundamental freedoms including religion, belief, opinion, expression, assembly, demonstration, petition and association
  • Create sustainable opportunity predicated on an absence of all forms of discrimination
  • Focus on a world including and beyond the individual, emphasizing a responsibility to the common good
  • Ensure that decisions and processes are based in cooperation and mutual accountability for the well being of all

There are many ways to take action:

  • Learn — attend an event, a talk, presentation
  • Volunteer — at a local charity, for a cause, for a campaign
  • Discuss — in a forum, with a book club
  • Organize — an activity, an event, a group
  • Donate — to a cause, an organization, a candidate
  • Fundraise — for a charity, a cause, a candidate
  • Sign/Pledge — a petition
  • Meet — at a community meeting, a town hall, a meet-up
  • Join — a group, an association
  • View/Watch/Listen — an art exhibit, a dance performance, a concert
  • Call/Write — your representative
  • Campaign — for a cause, a candidate
  • Vote — on an issue, for a candidate
  • Protest — with a march, boycott, sit-in
  • Engage — Everything else!


What are the issues? 

The Clearinghouse for Progressive Action is a space for all issues that relate to building a just, fair and equitable America. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Children
  • Civil liberties (e.g. press, religion, speech)
  • Civil rights & racial justice
  • Disabilities
  • Economic justice
  • Education
  • Environment, climate & energy
  • Government accountability
  • Gun control
  • Health care
  • Immigration
  • Jobs & labor
  • Justice system & policing
  • LGBTQ issues
  • National security/Foreign policy
  • Reproductive rights & health
  • Social protection (e.g. hunger, homelessness, poverty, low-income housing)
  • Social Security & Medicare & Medicaid
  • Taxes & budget
  • Women’s issues