Take Action on What Matters to You

So now what?

Let’s play the long game.

The inauguration is over, and we have officially entered a new and extraordinary time. We believe that a just, fair and equitable America for all is possible. Still. Even now. To achieve it, we as progressives have to play the long game – by issue area, by location, and by type of activity.

The long game is not about getting stuck on personalities. It’s not about being distracted by the day-to-day noise and, for that matter, setbacks that we will encounter. Over the last months, we’ve been pulled from one crisis and controversy to the next in a whirlwind. It makes it impossible for us to focus long enough on any one thing to make a difference.

The long game is about creating the world we want to live in, the type of country we want to be a part of. The long game is seeing the bigger picture over the long term. It’s about creating connections with each other, interpersonally and in our communities. And it’s about hope – which for us is optimism combined with the willingness to take action.

This is how we’re going to play the long game:

First, we redefine action. Action is about building on what you’re already doing, in your daily life, in your neighborhood, in your community, on the issues that you’re already thinking about – and then doing a little bit more.

Then, by making it easier to take action, we facilitate a multitude of small changes that build on each other to construct big change.

Finally, we do it together via a platform that helps us find opportunities for action and that connects us to inspire one another to action.


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